iCLINICIAN has been designed specifically for the aesthetics industry following and in-depth consultation process with one of the UK’s leading aesthetic training companies. Managing your Patients, Clinics and Clinicians is fundamental to running a successful business and is easy with iCLINICIAN’s simple and intuitive user interface. Its dedicated treatment module includes the full spectrum of aesthetic treatments ranging from Botulinum Toxin Type A and Dermal Fillers to the PRP Vampire Facelift, iCLINICIAN removes the need to filing cabinets full of consent forms.

Absolutely. Simply download iCLINICIAN from the the App Store and use the Lite version to try out all of iCLINICIAN’s great features. iCLINICIAN Lite is fully unlocked and allows you to use all of iCLINICIAN features.  The only restriction is the number of treatments you can record.  iCLINICIAN Lite allows you to record 5 free treatments.  Once you’ve used your 5 free treatments simply upgrade to iCLINICIAN Solo or iCLINICIAN Premium to add further treatments.

No. If you upgrade iCLINICIAN Lite upgrades itself to Solo or Premium. All of your records will be unaffected.

The legal requirements regarding data protection are the same for any medium so you should always ensure that you comply with the Data Protection Act principles.  The fact that you can only access data held on iCLINICIAN with a correct Username and Password assist you in complying with the security aspect of the Data Protection Act. All data stored within iCLINICIAN is encrypted using 256-AES and any data transfer between iCLINICIAN and the iCLINICIAN Cloud is SSL protected.

iCLINICIAN Solo App is only available for iPad for a single user.  However, iCLINICIAN Premium supports multiple users who can log in on their phone, Mac or PC through your web browser.

iCLINICIAN is able to utilise a host of features not available on a Mac or PC. The built in camera allows before and after pictures to be saved directly into your Patient’s treatment records and the iPad’s touchscreen enables your Patients and Clinicians to sign the informed consents and you to mark up your injection sites on a photo of your patient.

Unfortunately the software framework used to build the App is designed by Filemaker Inc, a subsidiary of Apple Inc and is not currently capable of creating Android apps. You can only therefore run iCLINICIAN on the iPad or iPad Mini.