iCLINICIAN Lite allows you to trial many of the great feature of iCLINICIAN before you decide whether to subscribe to the iCLINICIAN Solo or iCLINICIAN Premium solutions.  Create some patients, add treatments, interact with the clinic calendar and get to know the iCLINICIAN app.  Then when you are ready to upgrade decide on the package which is best for you and iCLINICIAN will take care of uploading your data to the iCLINICIAN Cloud and upgrade your app to the correct settings.


Patients – Full Patient Management including the ability to link patient to a clinic, clinician and to the patient that referred them to you.  Quickly view all past and future Appointments, Treatments, Prescriptions, Invoices, Expense and Documents from the patient’s record and create new ones at the touch of a button.

Clinics – For businesses who run clinics from multiple locations you can create as many clinics as you need and link patients to the clinic that they attend.

Appointments – Manage your Appointment diary with iCLINICIAN’s in built multi-view calendar.  You can link each Appointment to a Patient, Clinic and Clinician.

Treatments – iCLINICIAN includes 15 of the most common aesthetic treatments and uses the iPad’s in-built capabilities to capture before and after photos and patient signatures for each treatment informed consent.  Where applicable patient photos can be marked up to record where products have been injected. iCLINICIAN Lite allows you to record 5 free treatments. You can also use the Additional Procedures feature for adding treatment consents that are not already included.

Products – iCLINICIAN comes pre-installed with many of the products used by the aesthetics industry.  However, adding additional products used by your business is simple.  Products used for each treatment can be deducted from your Product Inventory and recorded in iCLINICIAN’s Audit Log for future reference.  iCLINICIAN also helps you to manage your stock levels by identifying when products are out of stock or below your reorder level.

Invoices – Invoices and Receipts can be created for products that many have been sold to your patients or for treatments that you have carried out.

Prescriptions – iCLINICIAN Prescription Module enables you to quickly and easily produce branded private prescriptions that can be signed on the iPad and emailed to the chosen pharmacy as well as printing out a hard copy to be signed and subsequently posted to the pharmacy

Notes and Documents – The Notes and Documents Modules are linked to the Patient, Clinic, Clinician and Treatment Modules allow for quick and easy note taking or the saving of related documents.  Verbal notes can be dictated as iCLINICIAN works with Siri.

Expenses – Record you business’s expenses and link these to particular patients, clinics, clinicians or treatments.

Fridge Temperature Record – iCLINICIAN can be used to record your daily internal and external pharmaceutical fridge temperatures.

SMS Text – Use iCLINICIAN’s SMS Text Module to send you patients text messages using the Twilio SMS Gateway.

Emails – Use iCLINICIAN to send emails to patients.  You can save email templates for future use and insert certain fields such as the Patient’s first name to personalise group emails.