iCLINICIAN Premium has the capacity to support any business.  Whether you are a single clinician who wants to utilise everything that iCLINICIAN has to offer or a multi-location clinic with reception staff, clinicians and managerial personnel all needing to work from the same system, iCLINICIAN Premium has you covered.

In addition to all of the great features available with iCLINICIAN Solo, Premium has the added benefit of allowing multi-users to all work concurrently from the same system from the device that best suits them. Reception staff can be logged in through their web browser on their computer taking appointment bookings whilst the clinic manager is running reports from her laptop. At the same time Clinician A is recording treatment notes on her laptop whilst Clinician B is checking his appointment schedule from home for tomorrow on his phone.

iCLINICIAN Premium also has the capacity to allow patients to complete their Medical Questionnaires remotely prior to their appointment through our online MQ portal and then book themselves in on arrival and sign their procedure consent forms prior to seeing their clinician for treatment. All of this saves you time and helps your clinic to run at maximum efficiency.

iCLINICIAN Premium starts from £40pm (or £400pa meaning you pay for 10 months rather than 12) for a single user with each additional user account costing £20pm (or £200pa).

iCLINICIAN Premium starts from £40* per month or £400* per year on a GoCardless Direct Debit.

Use the options below to choose the number of users you require.

Single User

Two Users

Three Users

Four Users

If you require more than four users then please contact us so that we can provide you with the relevant GoCardless Direct Debit link.

Patients – Full Patient Management including the ability to link patient to a clinic, clinician and to the patient that referred them to you.  Quickly view all past and future Appointments, Treatments, Prescriptions, Invoices, Expense and Documents from the patient’s record and create new ones at the touch of a button.

Clinics – For businesses who run clinics from multiple locations you can create as many clinics as you need and link patients to the clinic that they attend.

Clinic Diary – Manage your clinic diary with iCLINICIAN’s newly design user interface on iPad, phone and computer. Easily create, move and rebook appointments with just a few click and quickly update appointments to show patient attendance. Set clinician start and end times by day and use the calendar’s recurring event feature to block book clinician holidays or courses of treatments.

Google Calendar Sync – Link your iCLINICIAN app to Google calendar enables you to manage your appointments outside of the app from your phone, tablet or computer.

Treatments – iCLINICIAN includes 15 of the most common aesthetic treatments and uses the iPad’s in-built capabilities to capture before and after photos and patient signatures for each treatment informed consent.  Where applicable patient photos can be marked up to record where products have been injected. You can also use the Additional Procedures feature for adding treatment consents that are not already included.

iCLINICIAN now includes a new COVID-19 Questionnaire & Consent and a new Health Assessment Questionnaire.

Online Medical Questionnaire – Send your patients a link via email or SMS so that they can fill in their Medical Questionnaire online before they come for their appointment.

Products – iCLINICIAN comes pre-installed with many of the products used by the aesthetics industry.  However, adding additional products used by your business is simple.  Products used for each treatment can be deducted from your Product Inventory and recorded in iCLINICIAN’s Audit Log for future reference.

iCLINICIAN also helps you to manage your stock levels by identifying when products are out of stock or below your reorder level.

Invoices – Invoices and Receipts can be created for products that many have been sold to your patients or for treatments that you have carried out.

Prescriptions – iCLINICIAN Prescription Module enables you to quickly and easily produce branded private prescriptions that can be signed on the iPad and emailed to the chosen pharmacy as well as printing out a hard copy to be signed and subsequently posted to the pharmacy.

Secondary Prescriber – For non-prescribing clinicians working with a prescriber, iCLINICIAN’s Secondary Prescriber feature allows the prescriber to create prescriptions and Directions to Administer.

Notes and Documents – The Notes and Documents Modules are linked to the Patient, Clinic, Clinician and Treatment Modules allow for quick and easy note taking or the saving of related documents.  Verbal notes can be dictated as iCLINICIAN works with Siri.

Expenses – Record you business’s expenses and link these to particular patients, clinics, clinicians or treatments.

Fridge Temperature Record – iCLINICIAN can be used to record your daily internal and external pharmaceutical fridge temperatures.

SMS Text – Use iCLINICIAN’s SMS Text Module to send you patients text messages using the Twilio SMS Gateway. iCLINICIAN Premium also support group text messages.

Emails – Use iCLINICIAN to send emails to patients.  You can save email templates for future use and insert certain fields such as the Patient’s first name to personalise group emails.

Email Marketing – Link iCLINICIAN with your MailChimp account and then automatically add new and existing patients to your MailChimp Audience. The use MailChimp’s superb campaign builder to send and track your marketing emails. iCLINICIAN Premium allows you to target your marketing by utlising MailChimp groups.

Appointment Reminders – Reduce missed appointments by sending automated appointment reminders via email and/or text message.

Client Merge – It’s easy to create duplicate records especially when you are working in a team environment. With iCLINICIAN Premium’s Client Merge it’s even easier to sort this out. Just select the primary record you want to keep and the duplicate you want to delete and click merge. iCLINICIAN will take care of the rest ensuring that all appointments, treatments, invoices, notes etc. are move to the primary record.

Client Archive – Unfortunately it never possible to keep all of our clients forever, so with iCLINICIAN Premium it is now possible to archive your old clients allowing you to keep your live client list at a more manageable size.

Protected Record Deletion – To reduce the risk of accidental record deletion in a team environment iCLINICIAN Premium allows you to set a 4-digit code that must be entered before any record can be deleted.

Staff Timesheets – For clinics with multiple staff it can be useful to keep track of working hours. iCLINICIAN Premium has a comprehensive timesheet module tracking work hours, pay rates, breaks and payment status.

Business Reports & Data Export – iCLINICIAN Premium has a comprehensive set of business reports tracking invoice from treatments, invoicing, client retention, product levels and much more.

Electronic Card Payments – iCLINICIAN Premium can be linked with a Stripe Payment Gateway account so that you can take card payments directly from within the app. Stripe has no monthly charges so you just pay a small fee whenever you take a payment.

Tasks – Set yourself or other team members reminder tasks for future events such as scheduled phone calls or products that need to be ordered. For iPad users iCLINICIAN will also send you and iOS notification when the task is due even if iCLINICIAN is only running in the background.